Coca-Cola 2008 Olympics

Coca-Cola has been an Official Partner of the Olympic Games since 1928. As the main global sponsor of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the company provided visitors with a prime sample of its formidable marketing savoir-faire. The Olympic Shuang Zone, Coca-Cola's Olympic hub, was the company's largest-ever customer activation effort. SYMA Asia gave shape to two of the main attractions: the WE8 Interactive Booth and the Olympic Crowd Games.

The WE8 is a Coke-sponsored global project involving 8 western DJs and 8 eastern designers in the creation of unique electronic music and limited-edition Coke bottle designs celebrating themes such as global harmony, peace, happiness, optimism, and collaboration. SYMA Asia conceived a fresh approach to the WE8 project: an interactive booth where visitors entered "music pods" to enjoy and remix the original WE8 songs in real-time, by moving their hands in the air over motion-sensor lights. The WE8 Interactive Booth was a major hit with the audience at the Coke hub, attracting thousands of customers every day during the whole 30-day event.

SYMA Asia was also responsible for the Olympic Crowd Games - a series of pioneering interactive games that made use of advanced computer vision software and several giant LED screens to allow large crowds of people to play together, resulting in a fantastic immersive experience. The Olympic Crowd Games celebrated sports, fun and collaboration - concepts that tied in perfectly with Coca-Cola Olympic spirit. As the main provider of innovative customer activation concepts for Coca-Cola at the 2008 Olympics, SYMA Asia handled creative work, structural design, interactive game design, software development, construction and on-site management.

The Olympic Shuang Zone was hailed by the client's global management as "the best customer activation in the history of Coca-Cola", and SYMA Asia was proud of being part of this success story.



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