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With world-class design and project management, as well as solid background in corporate branding and technology, SYMA is an ideal partner for companies looking for outstanding store experiences - from flagship stores to large retail networks. SYMA had successfully did thousands of shops for Philips, TOTO, Electrolux and some other brands.

Shanghai, China | Jan 2006

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From 2005 to 2006, SYMA developed and implemented interior design and decoration for over 30 Philips flagship stores in several cities around China. As a major global brand for home appliances, Philips emphasizes high technology and quality in their whole product line, as well as in retail outlets. SYMA applied silver panels with blue lighting to decorate all Philips flagship shops, in a clean and effective design matching the silver finishing of their products and blue brand image. This standard decoration was applied to over 30 shops, successfully expressing a clear and strong brand image to consumers.

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Sabic Innovative Plastics is a world leader in engineered thermoplastic material solutions. Having worked on several previous projects for GE Plastics (which was acquired by SABIC and rebranded SABIC IP), SYMA was in charge of design and construction for the company’s new exhibition hall in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.

Focusing on the broad concept of “renovation”, SYMA designers strived to integrate outstanding design with smart and functional space planning. Taking into account the bright source of natural light, wall space and floor area, every corner was put to good use, resulting in a smooth, attractive customer experience.

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