AUTO SHANGHAI 2015--Self-Assured Performance

Auto Shanghai has moved. In the newly built NECC exhibition grounds the new auto show positively brimmed with self-assurance. 1787 exhibitors from 18 countries celebrated one debut after the other. Among them were SGM with the newest BUICK models and the autonomous “FNR” as vision of the future from CHEVROLET.

Will we be chauffeured around in future by computer controlled vehicles? With its dual “dragonfly wings”, crystal laser lights and glass dome, even if the autonomous Chevrolet-FNR concept car looks like something directly out of a “Transformers movie”, in reality it is the US company’s futuristic vision of the automobile. According to SGM the FNR is bursting with intelligent technologies, which you would normally only expect to see in science fiction movies. SYMA- ASIA began preparations on the project already at the end of 2014, including the acquisition of new materials.

At the same time China is being inundated by an SUV wave, because the Chinese just love the raised sitting position. Alone in the first two months of 2015, shipments in the SUV segment rose by 46 percent. By 2025 a third of all the cars in China are expected to be found in the SUV category. This trend is naturally reflected at the Auto Shanghai, with SUVs and crossovers at almost every display.

The SGM stand design, developed by BELLPRAT ASSOCIATES, Zurich, was based on the same design idea as at AUTO BEIJING 2014, though it was livened up to great effect through the use of multimedia presentations. To do justice to both brands in the same hall, the look was intentionally kept simple, but all the more generous at the same time.

BUICK (3900㎡) staged its innovations in a business-like setting, accompanied by spectacular special effects to wards, the center of the stand (refer to cover picture). Flanked by kinetic wings in the foreground, and color-synchronized with LED backlighting, all was reflected as overwhelming overall impression by a reflective foil on the ceiling.

The refreshingly light presentation of CHEVROLET (3550㎡)with its sporty accents was consummated by an atmospherically illuminated ceiling contour whilst the “FNR vision of the future” posed on center stage in blue LED light.

Project Management: George P. Johnson

SYMA-ASIA realized many other projects at this exhibition too. Include were projects for Faurecia, DANA, NSK, Hankook and German Pavilion. We were again appointed as the official contractor for the Auto Shanghai in this big venue.


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