CIMT 2015, Beijing-Potential Sales Market

CIMT is the largest exhibition for metalworking in China. Since China is the third-largest export market for Swiss machine tools after Germany and the USA, the involvement of Swissmem (Swiss machinery, electrical and metal industry) with the SWISS pavilion played a strategically important role.

The target group of the exhibition is professionals and buyers from all levels in the hierarchy as well as high-ranking decision-makers from the central government and from the main far-east markets of Japan, Korea and to some extent Taiwan. The involvement of Swissmem exemplifies the businesses and qualities of Switzerland as place of work and ideas. The SWISS pavilion welcomed the roughly 131000 visitors on two separate platforms: around 31 exhibitors from the machine tool industry presented themselves in hall W1 (one of the main halls) on a total area of 2050m², and another 14 exhibitors from the area of accessories were grouped in hall E11 on around 380 m².

One of the special challenges for SYMA-ASIA was to integrate the large booths and the small modular booths in the SWISS pavilion, each with the same high level of unique identification. Throughout the entire superstructure the color concept, the uniform truss constructions, and the same range of furnishings were reiterated like a common thread.



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